Salma Hayek decorates her mansion in a terrifying way

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Halloween is one of the most colorful and popular festivities in the world where everyone takes the opportunity to dress up and decorate their houses with touches alluding to the date, as the Mexican did. Salma Hayek who decorated his mansion in a terrifying way.

Through his Instagram account, Salma Hayek shared how she decorated her mansion with elements alluding to Halloween and in the message that accompanied the video he revealed that he did not have time to dress up or energy to go to a party but since his daughter Valentina loves Halloween, he decorated the house.

Salma toured various places in her mansion to display its decorations and adornments that included a diabolical butler robot with a tray offering human fingers; they also had graves, bones, pumpkins and candles.

The actress introduced his cat and then he showed a witch’s broom which, he said jokingly, he would later use to transport himself.

Several cobwebs with spiders protruded from the railings of the stairs, gloomy headless characters could be seen, the skeleton of a dog with two heads and one skull with luminescent red eyes.

Salma Hayek also said that in a couple of days she would share with her followers How was your Day of the Dead offering?referring to the fact that he does not forget Mexican traditions.

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