Salinas Pliego vs. Faitelson. “We fed you for years”

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Ricardo Salinas Pliego. (Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

Ricardo Salinas Pliego, owner of Tv Azteca, maintains the controversy generated for years with the journalist David Faitelson, who worked for that television station several years ago.

It all started when Faitelson commented that “in Mexican soccer, open television stations are ‘judge and jury’…” when responding to Guillermo Alegret, General Director of Sales and Marketing of the Mx League, who also wowed Salinas Pliego.

As usual, the conversation rose in tone when the businessman criticized the now ESPN commentator for his comments towards the television stations.

“How much of a problem do you have with ‘the television stations’ if we fed you and your family for years? Without ‘the television stations’ you wouldn’t exist, keep being funny with your judgments, mom… and you’re going to meet me angry, so that Now if you rightly say that I’m hanging on you…” (sic), replied the owner of Tv Azteca”.

The problem did not stop there, because Salinas Pliego even suggested that the journalist go to the World Cup in Qatar as a cameraman.

The origin of the lawsuit between Faitelson and Salinas Pliego

But the businessman brought up an old quarrel between the two, aired by Faitelson with the youtuber, “Golden Scorpion” some time ago.

Last April, the commentator on ESPN got into the “Escorpión” car and confessed that Salinas Pliego insulted him when he was kicked out of Tv Azteca along with José Ramón Fernández.

In response, the businessman did not remain silent and rejected such a version, but from there it is that the spirits light up every time they both comment on something.


Unusual what can fit into a shell of bread.

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