Saitama finally returns with a first promotional image of the anime

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Does nothing One-Punch Man I was in luck when closing his longest arc to date with a bang, so between everything that has been happening in the manga and that we’ve already had a few years of drought with the anime… Well, more and more fans of Saitama He was wondering when the third season would play.

It has been made to pray, but it has finally been confirmed that there is a new season underway and a first image has already been seen.

Official confirmation, although without further details.

the sleeve of ONE Y Yusuke Murata Chapter 215 has left us this week and also the long-awaited confirmation that we will have ‘One-Punch Man’ season 3.

The anime has been one of the biggest hits in recent years, and despite the fact that many consider that the second season lags behind the first, it left us wanting more and those who only follow the series biting their nails for years. .

There are still not too many details about the new chapters beyond a first promotional image that marks the return of Saitama (and Garou) drawn by chikashi kubotawho has been in charge of the anime’s character design so far.

So with this we can perhaps confirm that Kubota is involved in the production of the anime, but the anime studio has yet to be determined. The first season was produced by Studio Madhouse and the second by JC it remains to be seen if either of these two studios will take over the third or a new suitor will enter the scene.

Season 2 of the anime has already started adapting the Saga of the Human Monster, so the third should continue to adapt this very long arc. Taking into account the very little information we have for now, we will surely have to go to the second half of 2023 at the earliest for the possible return of ‘One Punch Man’.