Russian swimmer recreates Merlina dance underwater

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The swimmer is famous for recreating scenes. Photo: IG and Netflix

the russian swimmer Kristina Makushenko recreated the famous dance of merlin, but he did it underwater, which implied a greater challenge, according to the athlete. The video posted on instagram It has been well received by netizens.

Netflix’s “Merlina” has positioned itself as one of the most viewed series on the platform and the dance performed by actress JAnna Ortega It has been recreated countless times, but the Russian swimmer gave it her own twist by doing it in a pool.

Kristina Makushenko She is a four-time world champion in synchronized swimming and famous for performing underwater choreographies, which has surprised and fallen in love with her followers around the world.

Quite a challenge to recreate the famous dance scene of Merlina

To recreate the popular dance, the russian swimmer She used a black filmy fabric dress, as well as heels of more than 12 centimeters and she assures that it took her more than four hours to recreate the scene, since the garment she was wearing floated a lot.

“This dress floated too much, so I had trouble moving in it, and my usual pool is closed until mid-January so I had to adjust to another one,” she explained in the post shared through her Instagram account. instagram.

On his Instagram account, Kristina Makushenko he uses his underwater abilities to recreate scenes as if he were climbing some stairs or dancing a piece of tango.

The complicated choreographies are applauded for their more than 700 thousand followers that generate thousands of views and hundreds of comments where they recognize their professionalism, as well as their ingenuity and creativity to recreate complicated routines underwater.

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