Russia vs Ukraine: Russian soldiers surrender to Ukrainians in Kherson

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Russia vs Ukraine: Russian soldiers surrender to Ukrainians in Kherson
Russian soldiers surrender to Ukrainians in Kherson. Photo: AFP | illustrative

The conflict Come in Russia and Ukrainewhat has claimed the lives of dozens of people and left destruction of important areashe continues, and although the Russian escalation has deployed powerful weaponryon occasions it has not been enough to face the ukrainian armyand proof of this is a video where he realizes how russian military they surrendered to their adversaries.

This is how the Russian military surrendered

In the video, which circulates through major digital platformsit can be seen how, with White flag tied to the cannon, a Russian war tank falls before the soldiers of the Army of Ukrainea country invaded since last February 24.

The images show the appearance of the tank with the white flagfrom which descend some russian military who, with their hands up, surrender to their adversarieswho submit them and make them prisoners.

According to reports, the Russian military would have surrendered in the zOna of Khersonin which Moscow He ordered his troops to withdraw before the advance of the Ukrainian forces.

The Russian Withdrawal at Kherson

Russia on Wednesday ordered its troops retreat from Kherson before the advance of ukrainian counteroffensivein a new setback that forces her to abandon the only regional capital that she had conquered in almost nine months of military operation.

Measurement is taken days after Russia claimed to have finished evacuate to dozens of thousands of civilians from that region to territories under their control. Ukraine denounces this operation as a “deportation”.

“Proceed to withdraw the soldiers”, Defense Minister said on television on Wednesday, Sergei Shoigu, General Sergei Surovikin, commander of Russian operations in Ukrainewho admitted that the decision to withdraw to the margin right of the Dnieper River was not “not easy”.

Russia Thus he abandons not only his greatest campaign trophy, a city that before the conflict had 280 thousand inhabitants, but also the capital of one of the four zones that was annexed to end of september.

The region of Kherson It is also important strategic for being border with the peninsula of Crimea, annexed by Russia in 2014.

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