Rumored collaboration between Shakira and BTS, before Jin must go to military service

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Shakira Y bts are rumored about a possible collaboration together. What generates intrigue in their fans is that it has not yet been confirmed in which language the singers’ presentation would be.

The agenda of the members ofe BTS is still active and is expected to be active throughout the month of november, before the boys have to go to do their military service. What makes you happy ARMYespecially the Colombians, is that the boys could interact on stage with Shakira coming soon.

Before leaving the boys are surprising their fans, Jin He has recently released his solo song and upcoming collaborations and singles from the other members of the group have been heard. ARMY hope that the idols do not leave the surprises aside, and thank you for this good news.

btswith the purpose of fulfilling its schedule of november they have prepared a show together with Shakiraand this could happen in the World Cup Qatar 2022. In past months it was rumored about a participation of the genre k pop in the World Cup, but only shortly are they waiting for the final confirmation of who would be the members that would present themselves.

At the opening ceremony it is expected that Shakira make a presence, however, could be accompanied by the singers of btssince the news is based on the recent trip of Jungkook to the World Cup headquarters where he recorded some promotional videos. Although the news has not been confirmed by the agency HYBEIt is expected that it will be to surprise the fans, they are anxiously awaiting confirmation because it would be wonderful to see the artists together, they also consider that there could be an original song for the world cup, which would be epic in the k pop.

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