Rumor: Future Super Mario games will incorporate the film’s design

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We bring another curious rumor related to one of the most beloved franchises by fans of Nintendo. It is actually about Super Mario.

As we have learned, the popular leaker Zippo continues to talk about. after the rumor that it arrived yesterday about a new Mario in 2D, now we have more interesting information.

A new rumor from this same source suggests that Super Mario movie style It will apply to video games. This is what was shared:

  • Zippo claims that a new Nintendo Direct is coming soon, which would not be surprising considering that Nintendo usually offers Directs at the beginning of the year.
  • He adds that Super Mario products, including toys and video games, will begin to borrow design elements from the film. Among them stands out the clothes that Mario and Luigi wear
  • As an example, show the Mario figure below, where he appears with shoelaces like in the movie.

  • It is not clear if the proportions of the characters’ faces or their voices will change in the future.

Remember that Zippo has been successful in the past with the remaster of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and Sonic Origins. Also the remasters of Persona 3 Portable and 4 Golden. we will have to be vigilant if this also becomes a reality.

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