RONALDO ANSWERED WITH SINCERITY: If Brazil fails to be champion in Qatar 2022, would you like Messi to win the World Cup with Argentina?

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the iconic Ronaldo Nazario He has always expressed his admiration for Lionel Messi. He seems like a great guy off the court and has never stopped placing him as one of the best players in history. Of course, as much as he esteems and values ​​him, he would not like to see him world champion.

It’s not personal. Not that I have a problem with him. Quite simply, the rivalry between Brazil and Argentina is so great that, even if the scratch didn’t manage to lift the next World Cup, I wouldn’t want The Albiceleste champion in Qatar 2022. Not for Messi or for anyone.

If Brazil is not crowned, he prefers that a different team win than Argentina. Absolute respect for the Argentines, but the rivalry is what it is and it is impossible for R9 not to be sincere.

Messi deserves it, yes. And if he ends up winning it, he will congratulate you. However, he will not have the support – something completely understandable – of the best 9 of all time.


“If it can’t be Brazil, would you like Messi to win the World Cup?”asked journalist Sid Lowe of TheGuardian. And Ronaldo replied: «If Spanish is naturalized (laughs). The rivalry between Brazil and Argentina is too great. We had incredible battles, with respect, and that is the most beautiful thing about football. But Argentina winning the World Cup is not enough to think about. Does Messi deserve it? Of course he deserves it, but not with my support. I love him and I’m sure he’ll understand this because I’m sure he feels the same way (he wouldn’t like to see Brazil world champion). When he wins one or the other there is also respect, like Diego (Maradona), who is highly respected in Brazil. But no (he would not like Argentina to be champion) ».

Undefeated data. Ronaldo Nazário won 2 World Cups in his brilliant professional career. He champion in 1994, being a youth who practically did not play. And champion in 2002, being the top scorer and the top star of the tournament.

Did you know…? Ronaldo Nazário scored 15 goals in 19 World Cup matches. He signed goals in France 1998 (4), Korea-Japan 2002 (8) and Germany 2006 (3).

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