Ronaldinho did not know that he could go to the bank to withdraw money: Tito Villa

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The Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho left his mark in his time in Mexican soccer and countless anecdotes, however one of the most impressive for Emanuel “Tito” Villa was the one related to money.

Well, the 35-year-old star did not know that he could manage his money personally by going to the bank and having cash, this because his brother was in charge of managing his finances and providing him with the money.

In a podcast Tito Villa recalled: “His brother had left on a trip to the United States. He needed 30,000 pesos, he went to the accountant and told him ‘hey, account, you won’t have 30,000 pesos to lend me, it’s because my brother left urgently and he didn’t leave me any money.’ The accountant tells him ‘well, yes Ronal, I have no problem, but if you want I can take you to the bank, of which you are the face, and there you have your account, you can withdraw whatever you want’. Dinho tells him ‘can I get a little?’”.

He added: “The anecdote is funny but it speaks of significant ignorance. The 35-year-old guy did not know that he could go to the bank and get his money, that is, he was always very managed by his brother, it was “how much do you need”, “1 million pesos”, “well take it” . We didn’t even ask him about a credit card, because imagine, he didn’t know what a bank was. It is an anecdote that marked me with him ”.


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