Rodrigo Abed: what does the actor who started a path as a pastor look like?

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Rodrigo Abed: What does the actor who started a path as a pastor look like?
Rodrigo Abed, an actor who started a path as a pastor. Photo: Darkroom

Rodrigo Abed He established himself as one of the most beloved leading men on the screen; its talent and personality led him to be part of successful Projects what were they well received for him mexican public; However, for some time now, it has not been as present in the TV soaps either acting projectsY unotv.com tells you what happened to actor and how currently looks.

This is how Rodrigo Abed looks

Although he strayed a bit from the recording forumsRodrigo Abed did not do it social networks, where he is usually very active, and although in the 90s he was an important actor, now he has found a path in religion, as it is Shepherdactivity that presumes in its official Instagram profile.

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As part of his new activityRodrigo Abéd has tours where, like Shepherdspeak the word of Christ. According to what was published by the famous, who shared credits with important actors, is presented in Mexico and the United States.

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The famous also shares images of some projects together with other public persons, such as Nora Salinas, image that caused a stir among his followers, who asked for a second part of the tape “Scars”, who starred Salinas with Rodrigo Abed.

In which projects did the actor stand out?

There were several soap operas where Rodrigo Abed participated as part of Main cast, among the melodramas stands out “When you will be mine”project carried out by Silvia Navarro and Sergio Basáñez.

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in the trajectory of Abed also highlights the “Solitaires” project which, according to the actor himself, was the first series what was done in Mexico Before this format became popular in the entertainment medium.

As well as in some series that address the issue of drug trafficking and where he would have incarnated media drug lords.

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