Rob Schneider lovingly talks about what it’s like to have a family with a Mexican woman and what he does to support it

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american actor rob schneider He confessed that being married to a Mexican woman has meant “love and family” for him, since he claims to be very happy in his relationship with his wife Patricia for 12 years.

The protagonist of the famous comedy film “Gigoló by accident”, visited Mexico for a few days to promote his film “What a trip with dad! (which will premiere on February 2 in our country), in which he shares talent with his daughter Miranda and whose scriptwriter is his wife Patricia Azarcoya.

During his stay in Aztec land, Rob Schneider shared some passages from his personal life, particularly his fortunate married relationship with Patricia Azarcoya.

Rob Schneider Lovingly Talks About What It’s Like To Have A Family With A Mexican Woman

rob schneider Y Patricia Maya -native of Yucatan- met in 2005 and six years later their love culminated in marriage. They share both their sentimental life and their professional life.

“Take your life here and elevate it. It’s love and family,” says Rob Schneider when asked about the meaning of being married to a Mexican woman.

On his talk show, Yordi Rosado asked the American actor “what is it like to be married to a Mexican woman?” and that was his response.

Rob Schneider loves the warmth of the Mexicans

rob schneider He shared that the first time he visited Mexico, he realized that Sunday was a very special day for all families since they got together no matter what, that surprised him and made him fall in love.

“When I went to Mexico for the first time, I came on a Sunday and that day is very important for the whole family. It’s beautiful, I said: ‘I want that,’” said the American actor.

Rob has two daughters and explained that, at home, they speak English but, at the same time, they try not to forget Spanish. He even commented that they celebrate some of the Mexican traditions and that even though both his wife and he speak with his daughters most of the time in English, “a lot is also in Spanish.”

“We have the Day of the Dead, (the girls) really love the bread with the baby Jesus; Catholicism is also important, Miranda goes to catechism”, explained Schneider.

He expressed that he loves the warmth of Mexicans and that “rare” habit of kissing each other every time they greet or say goodbye.

“The people are very warm here, the Americans are a great nation, I love my country, but they are not that open. Here your emotions are more open. Mexicans kiss you, they hug you to say: ‘hello’ -they kiss you goodbye-; it’s beautiful and they do it every day you see them. It’s a wonderful thing that I didn’t experience in America,” she shared.



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