RM Reveals What Makes BTS Better Than Other Boy Groups

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The world famous K-pop group, btshas reached a level of success that has never been seen, which has caused many questions and different possible answers to arise. Recently, MR answered one of these doubts in the possible way.

This Tuesday, October 25, a netizen shared a curious publication in an online community, where you can see that a fan asked «What do you think BTS is the best compared to other boy groups and what are you proud of?»

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Below is RM’s unexpected reply, the idol simply wrote “attitude» making an impression on network users. It is true that the members of the K-Pop boy group have been characterized by their humble attitude despite their great success, of which they have been proud.

Internet users and fans have reacted positively to the BTS leader’s response, agreeing with him and glad of the feature that makes them stand out among other talented K-Pop groups.

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