RM demonstrates his recent radical change in his new project and ARMY shocks (PHOTOS)

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MR is currently considered the most handsome man in the world being above the famous actor henry cavill better known as “Superman”, announced several days ago as a trend on social networks, his new project, to which ARMY was shocked to see a new radical change.

Being one of the most famous idols in Korea of the Sur and one of the most admired among his fans, although several criticisms from the Hero’s followers expressed that they did not agree with his face and physical appearance, however RM has not been the only idol to be cataloged as the most beautiful , Taehyung, He has also been declared the most handsome man according to the TCL Cander survey, which through social networks, named the various male beings by that title, and despite transmitting a completely natural beauty, the leader of the BTS group , greatly impacted his fans, after discovering a radical change in his face.

According to the official BTS account, RM’s new project was announced, where he is expected to be very committed and anxious, he is listed as the second member to launch his Photobook, which apparently is commemorated on his long-awaited birthday, as part of your celebration and share it with your classmate Jungkook.

But when analyzing the image of the change of namjoon A peculiar detail can be seen on his face, as the rapper appeared with freckles as a new trend on social networks, demonstrating the new theme of his photobook, with the intention of demonstrating nature and his love for art.