Ritual of September 1 to have prosperity and health all month

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The astrologer Mhoni Vidente published a ritual to attract prosperity and health in Septemberthe ninth month of 2022, and what we must do exactly on the first day so that its power lasts us for the next 4 weeks.

According to the psychic famous for her predictionshoroscopes and spells, this procedure also works for your loved ones.

You will only need: holy water, sandalwood or myrrh incense, a glass of water, your favorite perfume, a blue candle, cinnamon powder, Macuá bird perfume, quick double luck or patchouli, cloves, 2 tangerines, brown sugar and 7 coins of the same denomination.

It is advisable to gather the materials a day before because the ritual must be performed immediately after showering on September 1 in the morningas Mhoni Vidente commented on his YouTube channel.

Ritual of September 1 step by step

Step 1: perfume the tangerine with your personal lotion and that of the macuá bird, patchouli or quick double luck. Pass it through your entire body from head to toe and ask that all negative energies go away.
Step 2: Moisten your neck, forehead and extremities with the holy water.
Step 3: Spray the blue candle with perfume, place it on a plate and put the 7 coins around it. Sprinkle with cinnamon powder and sugar.
Step 4: Peel a tangerine and squeeze a couple of segments on top of the blue candle.
Step #5: put some cloves around the candle; This ingredient serves to ward off envy and the evil eye.
Step #6: light the incense with a wooden match; now light the candle. Pray an Our Father and ask for peace and abundance to reign throughout the month.
Step #7: Place the candle on a small altar, bring the glass with water and if you wish, a glass filled with mezcal, tequila or rum. Change the water every day until the candle runs out.

You can spend the coins once the vigil is over and you have to throw the tangerine away from your home, the astrologer recommended.

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