Rilmenidine, a medicine for hypertension, extends life

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Researchers at the University of Liverpool (UK) have discovered that a medicine, the active principles of Rilmenidinecurrently used to treat hypertensioncan extend life and delay aging.

The results, published in the scientific journal Aging Cellshow that animals treated with Rilmenidinewhich is currently used to treat hypertension, at early and older ages increases life expectancy and improves markers of health, mimicking the effects of caloric restriction.

They also demonstrate that the health benefits and life expectancy of treatment with Rilmenidine in the roundworm ‘C. elegans’ are mediated by the I1-imidazoline nish-1 receptor, which identifies this receptor as a potential longevity target.

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Unlike other drugs previously studied for this purpose by researchers, Rilmenidine, a medicine widely prescribed oral antihypertensivehas the possibility of being transferred to humans in the future, since its side effects are few and not serious.

To date, the calorie-restricted diet has been considered the most robust anti-aging intervention, as it promotes longevity in all species.

However, studies of caloric restriction in humans have had mixed results and side effects, which means that the most reasonable anti-aging strategy is to find drugs like Rilmenidine that can mimic the benefits of caloric restriction.

“With an aging world population, the benefits of delaying aging, even slightly, are immense. The repurposing of drugs capable of prolonging life and health expectancy has enormous untapped potential in translational geroscience.

For the first time we have been able to demonstrate in animals that Rilmenidine can increase life expectancy. Now we are interested in exploring whether Rilmenidine may have other clinical applications”, commented Professor João Pedro Magalhãeswho led the research while at the University of Liverpool and now works at the University of Birmingham.

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