Ricky Martin sues his nephew for $20 million

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Ricky Martin always denied the accusations against him. Photo: AFP

Ricky Martin sued his nephew for the amount of 20 million dollars in Puerto Rico, he had accused him of alleged sexual abuse. The Puerto Rican actor and singer pointed out that he has been “persecuted, besieged, harassed, stalked and extorted” by whom he described as “a maladjusted person.”

This Wednesday, September 7, the singer of “Maria” filed a lawsuit against Dennis Yadiel Sanchez Martinwhom he accused of trying to “assassinate” his reputation, according to what was published by the site TMZwhere it indicates extortion, malicious persecution, abuse of rights, and damages.

Yadiel Sanchez Martin He sued his uncle two months ago for alleged violence and later obtained a protection order. After the case was filed on July 21, after Sánchez desisted from continuing, the Puerto Rican countersued.

In the lawsuit, to which the Puerto Rican newspaper Primera Hora had access, it is stated that despite the fact that the young man voluntarily withdrew the legal action against Ricky Martin and that he admitted under oath that he had never been sexually assaulted by his uncle, as he had pointed out, he has continued to harass and harass the singer.

In another part of the lawsuit it is stated that, from October 2021 to January 2022, his nephew would have sent him dozens of messages through whatsapp and instagram with “meaningless diatribes and without any particular purpose”, and insists on defining the defendant as “a maladjusted individual”.

Also, Ricky Martin indicated that his nephew interfered in life with his children, as he accuses him of having created an Instagram profile in the name of one of the minors, a fact that the Puerto Rican singer totally disapproved of, because in no way would he allow data to be published or photos of your child.

Ricky said Dennis’s actions have made him and his family feel “unsafe” in Puerto Rico. He wants the judge to order his nephew to refrain from all communication with him and his family.