‘Rick and Morty’ casts its co-creator Justin Roiland after being accused of mistreatment, but the series will continue without him and its two protagonists will change their voices

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Whether we like it more or less, it is undeniable that ‘Rick and Morty’ It was, at its premiere, a revolution in the panorama of youth pop culture. Dan Harmon was already known for his work in ‘Community’but Justin Roiland jumped out of nowhere (he had written a few episodes of ‘Adventure Time’ Y ‘Gravity falls’) to success, making sure he was the one person no one could kick out of the series: In addition to being co-creator and screenwriter, he was the voice of the two protagonists. But nothing lasts forever.

oh jeez

In May 2020, Justin Roiland was charged with domestic violence, including bodily harm and false imprisonment by threat. The events occurred, according to his girlfriend at the time (whose details have not come to light, so to protect her anonymity she is known as Jane Doe), in January, and Roiland pleaded not guilty.

Justice is going at its own pace, so the general public found out about the news a few weeks ago: on April 27 the case will be reconvened, and Adult Swim doesn’t want Roiland to tarnish the image of its most successful series in recent memory. For this reason, as announced through a tweet, has decided to throw him out on the street.

“Adult Swim has ended its association with Justin Roiland. Rick and Morty will continue. The talented and dedicated team is hard at work on Season 7,” the statement said. It must be said that, at the very least, the series will continue through Season 10 after they signed a deal with the network for 70 new episodes in 2018, which slowly turning in. Now this new batch will air without Roiland’s voice or scriptswhich for some, tired of hearing the histrionic voices of the characters, is a blessing, and for others it is the end after having lost much of the traction they had in the beginning.

Season 6 was a slight improvement over the previous two seasons. from ‘Rick and Morty’, but it remains to be seen if it was a thing of Roiland’s hand or not having him on the team does not affect the quality. We’ll see what happens and if the series itself makes a meta-reflection about it. It wouldn’t be strange, of course.

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