Ricardo Salinas presumes that Azteca reaches Qatar television

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  • Figures from FIFA Annual Report 2021 reveal the income that the organization has taken for TV rights.

  • Of the 8 stadiums prepared for the Qatar fair, the Lusail is the one with the highest capacity with the possibility of accommodating 80,000 spectators.

  • The presence of Ricardo Salinas contrasts with the arrival of Mexicans as a tiktoker who showed how alcohol entered that nation that has prohibited it.

Ricardo Salinas It’s in Qatar on the occasion of the match in which Mexico will be disputing its permanence in the World Cup match and took the opportunity to demonstrate the scope of the signal of Aztec when shown on televisions in that city.

Salinas’ action is part of the visit of Mexicans that led to the World Cup match where today Mexico plays a game against Poland, in a match that will determine the permanence of the team in that game that has important figures.

From November 21 to December 18, Qatar hosts the biggest event in football: the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The organization dedicates the majority of its budget to the tournament, which began in 1930 and has been held every four years until reach the 22nd edition of the Qatar Championship.

At present, although the World Cup has been held more than 20 times, it is the first and second time that an Arab country has held the tournament. The World Cup match has already been held in 2002 in Japan and South Korea. The 2022 edition is relevant because the season was moved to coincide with the Arab winter and have the lowest possible temperatures, to affect the players’ performance as little as possible.

Based on the FIFA Annual Report 2021, this organization received income from TV broadcasting rights for more than two thousand 500 million dollars in 2018 and just this 2021 it maintained liabilities of 121 million dollars one year after holding the World Cup. It will be important to see the comparison of 2022 with 2018.

Ricardo Salinas in Qatar

If a visit has attracted attention in Qatar, it is that of Mexico now that Ricardo Salinas has documented his arrival at the World Cup match on Twitter, as well as a tiktoker who thought it was convenient to enter alcohol through the Doha airport.

As part of the experience that Ricardo Salinas lives in his World Cup match, The billionaire showed that the signal from his television station, Azteca, reaches the screens of Qatar, for which he gave the best promotion to this meeting that will be broadcast by chroniclers of his channel. remembering how important this type of meeting has become.

Like Salinas’ action, which has drawn attention on social networks, other Mexicans have given something to talk about, such as the tiktoker Ricardo (@ricardo84256), who recorded his arrival in the Arab country with alcohol hidden in the Mexican flag.

These events demonstrate the impact that the World Cup has on a country like Mexico and how the visit of Mexicans to this country is part of the World Cup event, which generates tourism in an Arab country, payments for broadcasting rights, among other economic activities.

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