Ricardo Salinas offers a job at Azteca to a reporter; error creates vacancy

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  • Figures from the National Occupation and Employment Survey reveal the number of professionals dedicated to communication and journalism in Mexico.

  • The vacancy that Ricardo Salinas offered in networks is one of the many actions related to job search in Azteca, which are made to the employer.

  • Inviting a professional to be part of a medium like Azteca is an action that Ricardo Salinas has already done before.

Ricardo Salinas offered job in Aztecto one reporter that according to the businessman, he made the mistake of alluding to it in a statement that the head of the SAT, Raquel Buenrostro, made this week. Her proposal of vacant it was unexpected.

The action of the owner of companies such as Elektra or Banco Azteca became a peculiar way of attracting talent within the area of โ€‹โ€‹social sciences, a professional segment where Mexicans dedicated to Communication and journalism counted 198,551, according to figures to the fourth quarter of 2021 of the National Survey of Occupation and Employment, STPS-INEGI.

Given these numbers, the universe of professionals related to the media exercising journalism becomes an activity with unexpected situations, such as the job offer that Salinas has given to a Reforma collaborator.

Within journalism in Mexico, not only Ricardo Salinas makes curious strategies to attract reporters, there are media that have even made this work a very important content strategy on TV.

The case that best exemplifies this argument is Once Children, a children’s segment of the television station Once TV, which popularized the recruitment of child reporters, by asking them to write to the media by mail and in return they received an identification, which recognized them as supposed reporters of the channel.

The campaign became an interesting background to the value of this crucial media profession and how they react to these activities becomes crucial.

Ricardo Salinas and the vacancy due to an error

Ricardo Salinas is one of the most influential personalities in Mexico within networks, where he has more than a million followers on networks such as Twitter and their digital activity is used by users to make job requests, with cases such as that of a former driver of his chainwho asked him to consider capturing it again, a fact that the businessman rejected.

Now it has been the businessman who offered a vacancy as a reporter in Azteca, when The Reforma collaborator asked about the debt of Raรบl Salinas, a name that in Mexico refers to the brother of former president Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

After the reporter’s confusion, the owner of Azteca explained that the name referred to in the video published by Reforma does not refer to the businessmanfor which he claimed to have a reporter vacancy for the woman who made a mistake with her name, as she said, she would be fired for her mistake.

Ricardo Salinas attracts attention on social networks and due to the ownership of companies that he has, he has become an employer that attracts in matters related to job applications that are made and job offers that he gives, not only to reporters who confuse his name in the coverage of the controversy over taxes allegedly due and attributed to one of his companies, he has also launched job offers to TV personalities such as David Faitelson.

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