Ricardo Salinas in customer service resolves conflict in minutes

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  • Ricardo Salinas is the third richest man in the world with an estimated fortune of 12 thousand 4 million dollars.

  • Banco Azteca is the first bank in Mexico to accept cryptocurrencies.

  • Ricardo Salinas has around 110,000 employees at his disposal.

Ricardo Salinas continually cause controversy on the internet, since he is constantly active mainly on his Twitter account where he recently showed that he was efficient enough to solve a problem that a client of Azteca Bank.

Despite the fact that the tycoon has no financial problems or in his companies, he has made an effort to boost his businesses, especially in Azteca Bank which is where he himself has assured that he has more profits, since this bank leads as the most chosen among Mexicans, his main opponent is BBVA bancomer.

Ricardo Salinas and Banco Azteca

Ricardo Salinas has been in charge of constantly creating strategies in his bankin order to differentiate itself from other banks by offering a different service, has always shown support and interest in the cryptocurrencies and with it in Bitcoin, so 2 years ago Azteca Bank became the first to accept the cryptocurrenciessomething that will clearly have an impact, since it is said that this type of currency will predominate in the not too distant future, which is why many people are preparing for this new change.

“Of course, I recommend the use of Bitcoin, and my bank and I are working to be the first bank in Mexico to accept Bitcoin. If you need more details or information, follow me on my Twitter account,” said the businessman.

Likewise, Salinas has promoted Bank Aztec in the best way, since it has constantly been in charge of giving away money, balls and concert tickets but for this the main requirement is that people have an account in their bank, which has been a very good strategy since this has convinced several users to get their account, because recently he distributed $1 million among several people who got $100 thousand and now announced that he will give away 20 double tickets for the next Super Junior concert on February 15, there is a great Super Junior fandom in Mexico , so surely many fans will open their account in this bank to have a chance.

Ricardo Salinas in customer service resolves conflict In 5 minutes?

Salinas is very aware of what is happening with his clients, since he not only leaves his employees in charge of customer service, but he has also been involved to improve his service, he is not the type of owner who does not know what happens in his company, since he even recently threatened to fire workers because they did not comply on time with something that they had assured their clients.

Recently a person reported on Twitter a problem with a collection at Banco Azteca, for which Salinas only asked him for 5 minutes to solve the problem.

“They charge me and discount my money but” the process was not carried out “and they cannot give me my purchased product while my balance is withheld. Either the staff is inefficient or the Aztec banking system is inefficient.” ⁦

Ricardo was in charge of looking for an immediate solution to this inconvenience with the help of his team and although it was not resolved in 5 minutes, the problem was solved and the user thanked him for his service even though it took a little longer, also the businessman did not want to left with the doubt and asked the person how long it took to resolve their problem.

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