requirements so that they do not deny it

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Generally, a person from a foreign country who wishes to enter the United States requires a US visaand the Immigration and Nationality Law grants several categories for non-immigrants, such as:

  • Visas for visitors for pleasure or business
  • Visas for students and exchange visitors
  • Visas for temporary workers

However, at the time of submitting the requirements, andThere are cases of applications rejected due to lack of documentation or not correctly clarify the information required during the interview, so here are the most common situations for which you can be denied a visa.

Reasons why you can be denied a visa

Insufficient evidence of his return. According to the document “Grounds for Refusal under Immigration and Nationality Act”, of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), not establishing the right to nonimmigrant status, is one of the reasons for not extending the visa.

The above is under the section 214(B), if a tourist visa is not correct for a travel plan, if the person did not demonstrate that they would use the visa correctly or if they did not demonstrate that they have strong ties to their country of origin. Some important factors that are normally considered are work, studies and family situation.

Lack of documentation. Depending on the type of visa for immigrants, it is the required documentation, which in the case of temporary workers H-B1 (Professionals with Specialty Jobs, DOD Cooperative Research, and Haute Couture Model and Development Project Workers), is to present a university degree, as well as evidence that the person has the required knowledge to perform the required job. While for students, the academic documents that support the educational program, as well as the approval of the school for the program.

Lying on the application and/or interview. Hiding a truth or not telling the whole truth in the application and/or in the interview is also grounds for rejection of the visa application. The United States government states that commit fraud it ranges from magnifying personal details to hiding something very serious. Some examples are exaggerating income, declaring false employment, missing a police stop, even if it was many years ago, or using another identity at any time.

Before applying for a visa to the United States, these points must be taken into account so that the visa is not rejected.

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