Reiki and apitherapy, two alternative medicines to take care of pain in pets

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There are several alternative therapies for animals that exist today, which can help alleviate pain and discomfort caused by diseases. Pet owners should take into account that this type of medicine, most of the time, generates an effect between the medium and long term, so it is not recommended for emergency cases.

Sandra Alba is a veterinary doctor who has been working with alternative therapies in animals for more than five years. His specialty is reiki, a type of treatment that seeks to alleviate ailments through the imposition of handsstrengthening the immune system of the animal.

But the expert warned that the results are not obtained immediately. “This alternative medicine does not work urgently, since it acts slowly and progressively.”

Other available treatments arearomatherapy, healing massages, acupuncture, homeopathy and bioresonance. Although each specialty has different advantages, there are characteristics that are common to all.

“The main advantage is that they are not invasive. During the patient’s recovery process, efforts are made to ensure that there is not so much contamination in the body and this prevents side effects from occurring,” Alba argued.

The doctor also stated that the results are enhanced when there is complementarity between traditional and alternative medicine. “When there is an opening of traditional veterinarians to this and we make a combination in favor of the patient, there are excellent recoveries. Science has knowledge to a certain extent, but with alternative therapies you see cures that sometimes you don’t even understand how they came about.”

Another alternative medicine that is in vogue is apitherapy, which consists of using substances extracted from hives, such as honey, royal jelly, propolis, bee venom, wax, larvae or pollen to treat patients.

A person who has been working with this alternative medicine for several years is Jorge Corredor, a veterinarian at the University of Los Llanos.

“Apitherapy works very well in dogs and cats as a prevention and as a treatment for many diseases. Bee venom is used to treat pain and inflammation,” said the expert.

What can apitherapy be used for in your animals?

Some of the uses of the derivatives of the beekeeping for medicinal use it is in propolis, which strengthens the immune system and works to treat respiratory and digestive diseases. Veterinary doctors also use honey to heal wounds and improve intestinal flora.

Possible disadvantages of using these methods

Although alternative medicine reports the benefit of not being invasive, it has some disadvantages that must be taken into account. One of them is that its operation is slower, which is why it has a limited spectrum in cases of crisis, and the short-term improvements are almost nil.


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