Rebecca Jones and the change she faced after being on the verge of death

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Rebecca Jones had health complications towards the end of 2022 for which she had to suspend her work schedule (Photo: Media and Media / Getty Images).

2022 was ups and downs for Rebecca Jones, because towards the end of the year a complication from pneumonia took her to the hospital, where she spent several days intubated. Her health problems also forced her to move away from what she loves the most, acting.

It was in those days that also soap opera production Cape in which she participated made the difficult decision to replace her so that his character remained in the plot. It is now that Jones also has dedicated an emotional farewell to his characterization of “Lucía de Noriega”.

Through her Instagram account, Rebecca shared a photo and a message: “2022 was a very difficult year for me and for many others, but full of teachings and changes. One of the most beautiful things was realizing the great love I have around me, and there is no greater gift than that. Thanks to all of you who did not stop having me in your prayers and your unconditional support. Goodbye to ‘Lucía’, a character who gave me so much and allowed me to grow as a actress”.

In his account there are also thanks to José Alberto Castro, producer, and for the team of writers led by Vanesa Varela and Fernando Garcilita who achieved a seamless transition between Jones and Azela Robinson, who was chosen to give continuity to the character.

Jones’ farewell coincided with the start of the new year and the first chapters of Robinson as ‘Lucía’. In terms of acting, both are great performers and the physical resemblance in the Televisa melodrama is impressive, as some of the fans have recognized, although there are still those who are still not convinced of the change.

In mid-November Jones announced his temporary retirement as a result of the medical emergency he suffered. “I arrived by ambulance at the ABC (hospital) on November 1 in the morning and the truth is that I did not know anything until seven days later. (…) They had me in intensive care, they intubated me; before, if I had heard the word ‘intubation’, I don’t know if I would have accepted, but since it was beyond here, I accepted. Thanks to the intubation they saved me“he said in an interview with windowing weeks later.

Although her intention was to return to the forums, the actress decided to follow the instructions of the doctors. A few weeks later, Castro confirmed that this would be the case and that Robinson would join the production. “The story requires ‘Lucía’ to be present, this mother who is fighting in this sibling confrontation, it was a difficult decision, for me it was lovely to work with her, it’s the first time I’ve worked with her, to find an actress with the quality that she has was wonderful, but the most important production is one’s life”.

About the integration of Azela, Matías Novoa —protagonist of the story and son of ‘Lucía’— said that they worked with her to make her feel supported and welcome, and in their first joint scene “we broke the ice and we are super well. She has a lot of personality, she has a strong energy, but she’s super cute, I appreciate being with these colleagues because you learn a lot from them and I’m working on it,” he said.

Without a defined date for his acting return, Jones assured last December that “they will soon see me on the screen or I will see them with pride and gratitude from the tables of some theater.” So be it.


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