Queen Letizia’s reaction when she found out that Princess Leonor would leave her family for Gavi

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The queen letizia has had a reaction that no one expected, when he found out through some media that the princess eleanor would leave the royal family, and its obligations, in order to have a relationship with the player Gavi.

The princess’s parents have tried to protect her identity and privacy with very cautious moves, but it is no secret to anyone that the stage of adolescence would be wreaking havoc in the life of the minor.

They know that they will do the impossible to prevent him from making mistakes, they also take into account that there will be no way of protecting his feelings, since the young woman has been seen to be very much in love with the player of the Barcelona, ​​Pablo Gavi.

Rumors of a possible relationship began when the king charles II asked for a shirt autographed by the player, while many speculated that it would be a gift for the princess eleanor.

Some time later it was stated that when she reached the age of majority, she would leave royalty, because as any person feels the desire to fall in love, and she wanted to formalize her relationship with Gavi. But her mother gave her a great lesson with the way I react, and apparently she would no longer want to fall in love with her.

The queen letizia He warned her that she should be careful about having boyfriends, because she is still very young and she will have to finish her academic training, to later find someone who can be at her level and follow her same path. The princess’s future boyfriend must comply with a long list of requirements demanded by royalty, which at the moment Gavi need to have.

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