Queen Elizabeth II: what will happen to her corgi dogs after her death?

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Queen Elizabeth II: what will happen to her corgi dogs after her death?
What will happen to the dogs of Queen Elizabeth II? Photo: Gettyimages.

After the death of the Queen isabel II, who died this Thursday September 8 at the age of 96 years, the question that has arisen in social networks is: What will happen to the dogs who survive?

According to the prestigious french magazine shefocused on fashion, beauty, health and entertainment, the dogs that the monarch loved so much could have different destinies.

At the time of his deaththe Queen isabel II she owned two corgis, Muick Y sandy; a dorgi, called Candy, and a cocker spaniel, who responds to the name of Lissy.

Now that the monarch passed away, it is speculated that his beloved clan of dogs he will be relocated among the nearby royal family.

Photo: Gettyimages.

Ingrid Seward, biographer of the British royal family for more than 20 years, told the New York magazine Newsweek that the family of Isabel II will be left in charge of dogs of the deceased monarch.

“Andrew (the monarch’s youngest son) will probably take care of the youngest, the corgis and the dorgi.”

Ingrid Seward told Newsweek.

In the case of Lissywhich was a gift from the brother of the Duchess of cambridgeJames Middleton, in early 2021, the little cocker spaniel could be adopted by the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge. However, others think that the herd will stay in the Buckingham Palace with him king charles iii and the Queen consort Camilla.

Throughout her life, the Queen isabel II he always showed his taste for animals, especially for dogs; even, it should be remembered that the animated film “The Queen’s Corgi” portrays the monarch’s relationship with her corgi puppies.