Queen Camilla was “behind” the separation of Kate Middleton and Prince William

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In 2007, six years into their relationship, the relatively low-key romance of Kate Middleton and the prince william became the center of attention after their separation was revealed. It came while the Prince of Wales was in the Household Knighthood in Dorset and the Princess of Wales was living in London, meaning the young couple often spent time apart.

Both William and Kate have publicly acknowledged their split, with the prince insisting they were “trying to find their own way” at the time, and that “it was just a little bit of space”.

However, years later, a royal expert claimed that there was another reason behind the split. Christopher Anderson, author of ‘William and Kate: A Royal Love Story,’ told The Daily Beast that Prince William’s stepmother may have been a factor in the breakup.

To help understand why the former Duchess of Cornwall would want to separate the now Princes of Wales, Mr Anderson said he should know that “Camilla is a bit of a snob”.

He continued: “She is an aristocrat, she has always been moving in royal circles. She had always considered herself the heir to Alice Keppel, her great-grandmother, who was the mistress of Edward VII.”

“She was very proud of that connection, she bragged about it as a child and as an adult and that’s what she intended to be; part of the royal circle in the role of lover of the future king, and then of the king”.

“She did not look at Kate Middleton as someone worthy of joining the Royal Family. Kate is the first working class woman to be accepted into the Royal Family. She is descended from coal miners and her mother was a stewardess.”

The author added: “So, for all those reasons, queen Camille he never really felt that Kate Middleton as an individual and the Middleton family as a whole were worthy of entering the Royal Family. I was told at the time of the breakup, and later as well, that Camilla basically whispered in Charles’s ear that it really was time to force William to make a decision one way or the other.”

“It has since been publicly confirmed that Charles suggested to Prince William that he get engaged to Kate Middleton or basically set her free, so to speak. Now, his motives for doing that may have been pure, but Queen Camilla’s… not so much. She was the instigator of this.”

Despite Anderson’s claims, many have noted that Kate Middleton belongs to the upper middle class and not the working class, with historian Robert Lacey describing the Middleton family as being of aristocratic descent. Baroness Airedale is a distant ancestor of Michael Middleton, Kate’s father, so the Princes of Wales are her distant cousins.

Other theories about the separation of Kate Middleton and Prince William

While expert Christopher Anderson claims that Queen Camilla was the “instigator”, other commentators and experts have offered different explanations for the couple’s split.

According to Ms Nicholl, Prince William began to feel “claustrophobic” as he approached graduation. Apparently, the Prince booked a vacation with his friend Guy Pelly and went on the “men-only sailing trip to Greece.”

In her 2010 book, ‘William and Harry: Behind the Palace Wall,’ the royal biographer also revealed that Kate Middleton’s “turbulent” relationship with Guy Pelly meant she wasn’t surprised when William’s friend hired “an all-female crew.” for the yacht.”

LThe conversation came just a few months before the breakup. However, as is now known, the separation of Kate and William did not last long, and the couple met only ten weeks after the separation.

Three years later, Prince William asked the important question that both Kate Middleton and royal fans have been waiting for. During a trip to Kenya in 2010, William proposed to his longtime girlfriend.

During their engagement interview in November 2010, Kate admitted that she “wasn’t too happy” about the breakup at the time, but realized it was for the best, revealing:

“It made me a stronger person. You discover things about yourself that maybe you hadn’t realized. I think you can get quite consumed in a relationship when you’re younger. I really appreciated that time, for me too, although I didn’t think about it at the time.” ”.

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