Qatar’s innovative stadium built with 974 shipping containers

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Qatar stadium built with shipping containers

In addition to having built 12 stadiums for the occasion, Qatar already boasts a world-class milestone: “974 STADIUM”, the first sustainable and removable stadium, made with 974 CIMC containers. The innovative headquarters has a unique design and will be the first fully removable venue in the history of the FIFA World Cup.

This event carried out by the CIMC holding company of Chinese origin establishes a new standard in sustainability, efficiency and introduces a new beacon solving the “white elephants”, one of the most common problems of this type of event.

This innovative architectural jewel received the four-star certification from the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS), Y will host the party that the Argentina team led by Lionel Messi will play against Poland. The stadium has a capacity for 40 thousand spectators and his name was not chosen at random. In addition to containing exactly 974 containers, this number represents Qatar’s international dialing code (+974), being interpreted as a call to action, betting on more efficient and customer-friendly solutions. environment.

On the “974 Stadium” the general secretary of the Supreme Organization Committee, Hassan Al-Thawadiexpressed: “We consider the innovative design a legacy for future hosts of mega events of this type,” he said.

Then, he added that “after hosting matches during the largest sporting event ever held in this region, it will be completely dismantled, and the containers and other parts will be will use to create new facilities in Qatar and around the world.”

Construction with containers requires less materials and consequently manages to create less waste, considerably minimizing the carbon footprint throughout the construction process. Also, reduces time and costs, being an efficient solution due to its multiple benefits.

CIMC is the world’s largest “container” manufacturer, ranking No. 1 in the world for more than ten consecutive years. The containers used in this stadium have been specially “customized” by CIMC for Qatar.

In the production process, not only material issues had to be considered, but also a series of complex technologies, such as internal functions and general connections. Finally, with the joint efforts of CIMC Group R&D team, the manufacturing of all the “974 containers“, including modules specially adapted for people with disabilities.

For his part, Romina Parquet, CEO of the local branch of CIMC in Argentina expressed: “It is a pride to be part of a leading company, which demonstrates its capacity in the most important global event, such as the World Cup Qatar 2022, where not only sports talent is put into play but also the quality of infrastructure and services. In that sense, I want to highlight the innovative legacy of the “974 Stadium“promoting sustainability and solidarity at the same time, since a large part of these containers, post-worldwide, will be donated to underdeveloped countries, reaffirming our commitment to CSR programs.”


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