Qatar 2022 | Video: Mexican ‘Influencer’ borrows 100,000 pesos for going to the World Cup

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On TikTok, a influencers Mexican identified as angel it’s me story fraud by a brand who offered to pay for his trip to the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

According to the history of tiktokerthe brand contacted him because is dedicated to the creation, as well as dissemination of sports content in social networks.

However, the company asked him to buy the plane ticket to travel to the Arab country and the influencers He bought one for 30,000 Mexican pesos.

A brand spoke to me and said ‘we want to sponsor influencers for them to go to the World Cup but they need to have their ticket’. So I buy the ticket with my savings.

The date for the World Cup in Qatar was getting closer and closer and the influencers Mexican requested a loan of 100 thousand pesos with “a lot of interest” to travel to the Arab country.

angel it’s me arrived in Qatar without problems to enjoy the World Cup, seeing that there had never been response from the company.

“That’s what the brand tells us, hey, we’re going to give you $3,500, which is about 70,000 Mexican pesos so that you can spend it there on whatever you want.”

Now him influencers Mexican will return to Mexico with a huge debt and will look for a way to solve the expenses, but he said that “the experience of the World Cup” nobody takes it away.

I have a huge debt, 100,000 pesos plus interest, but hey, going back to Mexico to see how I can pay it off, but the experience of a World Cup will never take away from me

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