Qatar 2022: Argentine journalist is robbed live; Police offer to choose punishment for the thief

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the journalist Dominique Metzger, of the Argentine chain TN, suffered the theft of his wallet a few days ago while he was making a live link from Doha, on the occasion of the coverage of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

“My wallet just got robbed when we were doing a live broadcast. I am at the police station and they sent me here to report it because they guarantee that everything is under surveillance and that they will find the wallet that had my documents, money, cards, which is obviously what worries me the most,” the reporter told reporters. from your channel.

The events occurred last Saturday. He drew attention to the fact that the policemen asked him whatWhat punishment did the thief deserve? whom they assured they will find.

“At one point they asked me: ‘What do you want Justice to do with this? Because we are going to find it, there are high definition cameras everywhere.’ And I thought I had misunderstood the translation, but no: they kept asking me what penalty I wanted for the thief, if he wanted to be sentenced to five years in jail, if he wanted to be deported,” counted.

Added: “They insisted on asking me what sentence I wanted, that I could decide it. But no, I said that I wanted my things to appear. I did not want to put myself in the place of Justice. I got goosebumps, because I thought it was very strong”.

The journalist narrated to the TN channel how the robbery happened: “We were dancing with the people who join and group, I am convinced that someone opened the zipper and took it. One was not with all the senses sharpened at that moment to see around”.

It was when he wanted to buy a bottle of water that he realized his wallet was missing, where he kept his credit cards, cash and identification documents.

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