Puppy Jumps and Bites Captive Tiger; watch video

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Puppy Jumps and Bites Captive Tiger;  watch video
The puppy “faced” two tigers in captivity. Photo: Gettyimages.

The courage which demonstrated the puppy that appears in the video It was enough for him to earn a place in Internetand it is that, without fear of dying (or without being aware of the danger), he “faced” a tiger in captivity. Although he was uninjured, his exploit could have ended in tragedy.

The recording, 30 seconds long, was shared by the user of Twitter @SuavesLomitosdedicated to the care, rescue and promotion of the adoption of homeless puppies.

What is seen in the video of the puppy and the tiger?

In the images it is observed how the puppy repeatedly provokes the fury of a captive tigerwithout the latter reacting with violence to the aggression of the tenderloinwho, without fear of dying, makes him furious, over and over again.

While this is happening, another feline, apparently a lioness, who also remains in captivitytries to get the attention of the tiger, who, contrary to the reaction he has with the puppyis intolerant.

For now, it is unknown how the puppy managed to enter the cage dl tiger, as well as the place and date where and when the events occurred. However, the viral video has so far little more than 2 million viewsmore of 3 thousand 300 retweets and more of 26 thousand I like it.

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