Pumas had not had a foreign goalkeeper since 1998; this is how the quarry goes Halftime

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For the first time in more than 20 years, the Pumas have once again bet on signing a foreign goalkeeper for the goal instead of having a Mexican player as it had been throughout this century. The current directive chose to sign Sebastián Sosaa World Cup goalkeeper, who ends a Mexican tradition in recent decades.

Sebastián Sosa arrives at the Pumas with a great World Cup poster after being part of the Uruguayan national team who participated in Qatar 2022. He is a goalkeeper with an important record in his career, although in Mexico he stood out for being the leader of Morelia for three seasons; today, will be the owner with the cats

Lavallén, the last foreigner

Historically cougars there was always bet by goalkeepers trained in Cantera and only when there was no element that could be ready for the First Division, then they bet on a foreign goalkeeper or at least not trained in the feline basic forces, as was the case with Alfredo Talavera.

Talavera arrived in 2020 to take the position of goalkeeper and the result was remarkable, since he was also a goalkeeper with a World Cup poster and also champion of the MX Leaguefor which he was considered to be a starter to the detriment of Julio Gonzalezwho had arrived at Pumas after debuting with Santos Laguna.

The last goalkeeper not born in Mexico who played for cougars was Javier Lavallen, an Argentine goalkeeper who reinforced the cats in two stages, first in 1996 where he spent a year and then went to Gimnasia y Esgrima la Plata in Argentina. He then returned in 1998 where he went without getting titles.

lavallen came to cougars to compete with Jorge Campossince the board of directors at that time did not have the confidence in Sergio Bernal neither Ezra Rangel to take the reins of the feline goal.

Bernal gradually gained confidenceeven at the end of the 90s he competed with Jorge Camposuntil the beginning of the 21st century was consolidated and formed part of the cougars who made history with the two-time championship in 2004 and the Clausura 2009 title.

Saldívar, the last youth squad

The goalkeeper coaches of cougars they have only been able to boost the career of alfredo saldivar, who was the last goalkeeper to emerge from the basic forces and who lasted several years in the feline goal. The goalkeeper left the team with the arrival of talavera in 2020 and went to Toluca, where he was currently no longer registered for the Closing 2023.

Goalkeepers for the Clausura 2023

For the tournament that begins this January, the cougars already have registered a blandand to fight the ownership will be Julio Gonzalezwho was the first goalkeeper in the Apertura 2022. He will train with them from time to time Miguel Paul Hernandezthe champion goalkeeper with the Under-20 in the Apertura 2022.


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