“Pueblo” discovers a resident in OnlyFans and reveals a weak point of the app

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  • onlyfans is a content platform that has grown in importance, due to the value of the content it transmits.

  • There are definitive elements in brand communication today and it is the evolution of a message in networks.

  • What onlyfans and the cases of entrepreneurship on the platform have unleashed key trends in the social media market.

a neighbor of a town Ecuadorian undertook with content for the apps of onlyfansonly that he did not expect that this content would leave the platform and become the scandal of his community.

The freak unexpected that the creation of content has entailed premium allows us to understand consumption and, most importantly, to define activities through which it is possible to understand how valuable the content market is premium before the consumer.

With this in mind, important trends have been imposed that invariably serve to define better value resources of social networks today.

OnlyFans Inhabitant

The neighborhood around a content creator from onlyfans It gave a creator the worst experience on this platform, when she discovered that her content was being distributed without respecting the rules of the platform, such as avoiding its theft and its circulation through alternative media such as social networks.


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In a confession made by Gaby Campoverde (@gaby_campoverde, TikTok), the woman realized how onlyfans It has become a site of great value for both women and men, because they use this platform as a means of entrepreneurship.

Said case is an interesting precedent of how the digital medium is used to start content businesses, although not everything is hunky-dory on the platform, since a complaint has been made recurring in it and it is that it does not have controls to prevent photos from and videos are leaked, so they are exploited by the platform.

In her video, the woman explained to her followers that she also has TikTokwho feels sad about the experience in which he found out that the photos he uploads to the platform Only so shared among the residents of the town where she lives and whom she described as stingy to pay and without even the interest to spread the content that she stars in.

Gaby, who is originally from Ecuador, called on the followers of TikTok, so they don’t “damage your business,” so you asked them to subscribe to see the photos. And find what it says, it offers a bit of everything.

In her video, which has more than 600,000 views, the woman received all kinds of comments, from those who made fun of her incident, to those who declared in the comments section that “the people, united, will never be defeated” or who assured that it was about an effective word of mouth marketing strategy, for which its campaign with anecdote was very effective.

As in the case of Gaby, we have witnessed very interesting situations of entrepreneurs who have embarked on the adventure of creating content on onlyfans as occurred with a nurse identified as Jaelyn, who confessed having lost her job after the company decided to fire her after discovering that coworkers were watching her videos on OnlyFans during business hours.

Entrepreneurship in the generation of paid content has imposed key trends, which determine the importance of social networks in entrepreneurship and the profile of creators assumed by certain creatives, who have strategically settled in networks.

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