Puebla: bakery captures celebrities in shells

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Puebla: bakery captures celebrities in shells
The bakery is located in Cholula. Photo: Darkroom / Illustrative

In Pueblathe bakery the “JD Heritage” It has become famous for capturing various personalities on its breads, from Santa Claus and John Lennon, to famous figures in national politics; the business is located in Cholula and has great creations.

Characters in shells?

Among the famous embodied in shellsspecialty of the “JD Heritage”, we can recognize the Three Wise Men, Santa Claus, John Lennon and Merlina, a character that became more popular due to the series on Netflix, in which the actress Jenna Ortega is protagonist.

Among his creations, for example, the shells of the Three Kings, Merlina, puppies, axolotls, the Beatles and Lionel Messi stand out, to name a few.

Another of their culinary crafts are the bagels for John Lennon’s death anniversary and they also created the “panettone-type Christmas bagel”, where the four famous Beatles and the yellow submarine were captured.

For Argentina’s victory in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, they also made the shell in honor of soccer player Lionel Messiin the bread you can see the shirt of the Argentine National Team with the number 10, which carries the “Flea”.

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Where is the famous bakery in Puebla located?

The “Herencia JD” is in the municipality of San Pedro Cholula, Pueblaat 10 poniente 318. Remember that at the time various representations of celebrities are made in the shells.

Another shell that stood out in the public’s taste is the “ajoloconcha”, which also has its Christmas version and wears the traditional red and white hat.

During the Day of the Dead and Halloween celebrations, various versions of famous characters were prepared such as:

  • Jason from Friday the 13th
  • Freddy Krueger
  • joker
  • saw
  • La Llorona

All the above characters, in the form of shellIn addition to the classic ones, with mummy, vampire and occasional monster characters.

So now you know, if you are craving a good bread, especially a shell, You can go to the bakery “Herencia JD”.

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