Producer accuses the ‘standupero’ Mau Nieto of sexual abuse; CDMX Prosecutor’s Office offers to provide care

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After producer Melissa Yamel accused comedian Mauricio Nieto of sexual abuse, now the The Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office responded to the complaint that was published through social networks and noted that he sent a direct message to offer care.

Through a thread on Twitter, the feminist standupera reported that the alleged abuse occurred during 2018 andinside the establishment “Woko Comedy Club”a comedy forum that is located on Nuevo León avenue in the Hipodromo Condesa neighborhood and that was recently closed.

The young woman recounts that she frequently attended the place but one night she came to coincide with Mauricio Nieto and at that time the comedian premiered his first special on Netflixso he approached him to tell him that he liked his job.

Nevertheless, Mauricio Nieto allegedly began to invite him several drinks Melissa Yael and then take her by the arm and take her to a bathroom to have sex without consent.

“I don’t know how long we were in the bathroom, but What I am sure of is that there was a time when they tried to open the door. He came out of the bathroom first, I remember myself pulling up my leggings. When he left and returned to the bar, he and his friends were no longer there, ”says part of the public complaint on Twitter.

The young woman claims that several people close to the comedian began to offend herbecause they said that she was “on the verge of ruining Mauricio’s career” and described her as “the one who fucked Mau Nieto”.

Notably the producer also pointed to the comedian Juan Carlos Escalante to offer her help getting home after what happened, but she only remembers ending up naked in her bed the next day.

“I count this as a show of self-love, because It’s something I don’t want to carry anymore. It has weighed heavily on me to keep this ‘secret’ but today, with my head held high and from my heart, I want to break the silence”, adds Melissa in her complaint.

Melissa Yamel also revealed that After these events, he lost different job opportunities and even met Mauricio Nieto again. but he was uncomfortable. So far, the comedian does not react to the accusations or to the contact made by the CDMX Prosecutor’s Office with the producer.