Priscila Escoto teaches bags and is criticized for wearing Balenciaga

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  • Balenciaga has gotten a bad rap due to its recent “Balenciaga objects”.

  • Priscila Escoto has 2.8 million followers on Tiktok.

  • Balenciaga has sued for $25 million for “reparation of extensive damages.”

Priscilla Escoto She uploaded a video on her social networks, showing a parade of branded bags, however she was criticized mainly for using the brand Balenciaga who has given a lot to talk about due to his recent campaign that caused controversy in the world for sexualizing minors.

Priscilla Escoto is a influencers from Monterrey who has stood out in the media mainly for showing her followers well-known luxury brands such as Chanel, Prada, Dioramong other.

On Instagram it has a community of 813 thousand followers, on YouTube 98 thousand 600, while on TikTok it has 2.8 million, this platform being its forte, in addition to the fact that this medium was the one that gave it popularity, currently it has already collaborated with several brands, including Coppel, Colgate, Samsung, Nivea, among others, with only 25 years old, she has created a great community that has allowed her to continue generating money for her expensive lifestyle, in the same way she has been highly criticized for mentioning the The price he spends on luxury brands, on a Chanel 22 brand bag, he spent an average of 123,000 Mexican pesos; however, he has invested almost twice as much on a classic Chanel bag, reaching more than 200,000 pesos.

The most expensive bag in her collection is from the Chanel brand, from the “Métiers d’Art” which had a cost of 310 thousand Mexican pesos.

Balenciaga controversy

Among its collection of bags is the brand Balenciaga who has gotten a bad rap due to his recent campaign “Balenciaga objectsin which children are compromised holding stuffed animals with leather clothing, in addition to accessories that are used in the so-called “bdsm”, short for bondage, discipline, domination, submission and sadomasochism, for which reason this brand has been attacked for encouraging child pornography

Due to this controversy, Balenciaga has decided to submit a demand for 25 million dollars to the producer North Six Inc. As well as the set designer Nicholas Des Jardins for “reparation of extensive damages”.

kim kardashian who has collaborated with said brand, assured that she wanted to have the opportunity to speak with her team to understand for herself how this could have happened, she also added in her tweet that the safety of children must have the utmost consideration and any attempt to normalize the child abuse of any kind should have no place in our society, for which she is grateful that Balenciaga has removed inappropriate content from said campaigns, in addition to the alleged public apology, her tweet has exceeded 59 thousand likes.

Kim Kardashian is one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram, with a community of 334 million, so her preferences and decisions are highly taken into account as she really manages to influence others.

Kim Kardashian is one of the most followed on Instagram.

Kering CEO François-Henri Pinault commented on its annual results that Balenciaga exceeds the line of one billion euros in sales.

After Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Saint Laurent, the next brand to cross the billion-euro line in sales is Balenciaga.

Priscila Escoto does a bag parade and is criticized for wearing Balenciaga

Recently, the influencer Priscilla Escoto was criticized on TikTok because she uploaded a video in which she does a parade showing different brands of luxury bags, including Chanel and her recent acquisition of Balenciaga, for which she was judged by her followers, mentioning how she was able to use that brand after all the controversy that occurred when compromising minors, in addition to questioning her if she was in favor or against, to which she replied that she had recorded that video long before said campaign of the brand, however, his video was uploaded since the scandal had become known, so many of his followers did not believe him, in addition to suggesting that the tikTok be edited so as not to promote Balenciaga.

@priscyescoto Making my samsung galaxy z flip4 fashion ✨🫰🏻the best of all this is that it fits in all my bags♥️ @samsungmexico #TeamGalaxy #GalaxyZflip4 #priscyescoto ♬ Anti-Hero – Taylor Swift

On TikTok there is a wide variety of people who recommend or talk about certain products in order to promote them or simply give their opinion, Estefania Ornelas is another influencers which is also dedicated to giving reviews of luxury brands, however it is necessary have enough care, responsibility and information to avoid supporting brands that set a bad example in society, child pornography is a very sensitive issue that must be taken care of so as not to promote it in the slightest, it may be that in the case of Priscila Escoto It was not her intention to promote Balnciaga, although it is worth mentioning that she is easily an example to follow since she has the reach of 2.8 million people on her TikTok account.

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