Prince William and King Carlos III had a strong fight at New Year’s dinner

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The King Charles III now he is not only fighting with him Prince Harry, the new monarch of United Kingdom now he has also fought with him Prince William, his eldest son and Prince of Wales. The reasons for this new rivalry are due to the Christmas celebrations within the royal family, demonstrating that even in royalty this type of family confrontation occurs that causes disturbances in the tranquility of the home.

The last days of the British royal family have not been pleasant at all, since they have had to face the serious accusations that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle they have done against the monarchy. All this, in the middle of Christmas time.

But now, it seems that this conflict and rivalry is not enough, since a new fight has occurred in the Buckingham Palace and causes great uncertainty around the coexistence of the members of the british royalty.

According to sources close to the monarchy, the King Carlos III had a heated discussion with Prince William because of the preparations for the royal dinner at the end of the year. This situation caused a moment of great tension between father and son, and as far as it goes, their relationship has been getting worse in recent months.

Several means affirm that the differences between Carlos III and the Prince of Wales occurred because of all the conflict that the accusations of Harry Y Megan, so all this situation is linked to the same cause.

As planned, the King Charles III will have his official coronation as the new King of the United Kingdom in the coming month of May.

The prince william is his direct successor, so a conflict between the two of them would be causing serious problems within the British royal family.

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