Prince Harry regretted hanging up on his mother before she lost her life

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The prince harry is ready to release his book called «Spare« where he tells the secrets of his personal life and the darkest secrets of the British Royal family and also took the opportunity to talk about how sorry he is for the last telephone conversation he had with his mother, Lady Di.

The prince harry has revealed that he and his brother, the Prince William, they decided to request an investigation into their mother’s death after they drove together through a tunnel known as Pont de l’Alma either Soul Bridge.

Finding out that it was just a short, simple tunnel, the princes insisted that the case be reinvestigated, as in the book he writes:

There’s no reason for anyone to die in there.

However, the attempts of the sons of Lady Di they were thwarted by those in power.

The prince harry he said in the book that he regretted hanging up so quickly on the last call he had with his mother, recalling that that night he was playing with his cousins ​​at his grandparents’ house and like all 12-year-olds, he was anxious to continue with the game, so I hurried his mother to hang up.

I wish I had found the words to describe when I loved her. Little did she know that the search would take decades.

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