Prince Harry of England said he had “never been happier” with the publication of his book

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The prince harry He has publicly acknowledged that there is news that makes him happier than ever, and it is the publication of his memoirs”Spare«. Although it is a fact that has generated controversy, he admits that people still do not understand the reason for his actions.

The duke of sussex He decided to give a couple of interviews to important media, two days before the publication of his book, and in the first of these he admitted that he feels free and very happy, apparently with the controversy that has generated in royalty.

In the interview with the media ITV Newsby the presenter Tom Bradbywho is his friend, touched on some important topics about the revelations that he will have in the pages of his book, but the moving part of the interview was the end, when Tom He questioned him if he considered that he was happy with all this.

The prince harry made it known to the British people that he is well, “Yes, I am very, very happy, I am very at peace. I’m in a better place than ever and I think that probably angers some people, angers others because just by the nature of my leaving«.

And he assured that he knew that his relationship with Meghan would have a good future, “I’m sure some people always thought Meghan would leave but I don’t think they ever thought I would leave too but just leaving is embarrassing to some people«.

Despite the fact that his book was exhibited to the public before the official day, the duke of sussex states that «The reality is that I have never been happier.«, and clarifies that his book was an intelligent decision.

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