Prince Harry apologizes to his family, before launching new accusations in his book

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The prince harry He is seeking forgiveness from the Royal Family, days before launching his memoir.”Spare«.

The controversies generated between the Royal family and the Dukes of Sussexafter several months of tension due to the departure of the prince harry of his royal obligations, have increased in recent months, however, the duke wants to put an end to these disputes.

Apparently the prince is sorry for his behavior with members of royalty, especially with the King Charles III and his brother, the prince william. But his intentions to lead a healthier relationship are a bit controversial due to the release of his memoir.

The prince harry On different occasions he has acknowledged that he would like to «recover“His relationship with royalty, but he has also caused displeasure in the Royal Family for the statements he has issued about them, for which they believe that his regret would be”completely false» and it would be a trick to accuse them again.

This, since the prince in a recent interview clarified that in his book will be the version of his events from when the prince william he beat him, and offended his wife Meghan Markle in an event, and some details that could strike down the British crown.

Given this, it is believed that his desire to recover his relatives would be disguised as evil.

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