Prince Harry and Meghan Markle accused of lying about royalty to favor themselves

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Prince Harry and his wife the American actress Meghan Markle They have been accused of editing some royal themes in order to divert attention and favor themselves.

The recently released documentary of the Dukes of Sussex, It has been in constant controversy because it has not stopped talking on different social platforms, although it has been said that the whole truth about royalty would be told, apparently it is a truth that favors a few.

On social platforms like Twitter and Instagram, Different publications circulate with a common message: «Netflix edited the Queen’s famous oath in 1947 to adapt it to its narrative«.

The accusation of this fact has left all the fans of the documentary surprised, because by omitting words that the Queen Elizabeth II, the meaning of the speech changes completely.

Thus creating a false accusation by naming the Queen Isabel II What “racist and colonialist”.

The British royal family has taken this as a dirty play of the prince harry Y Meghan to look good.

And although no one has ruled on this, social networks have turned against the Dukes of Sussex, launching mocking comments at the documentary: “This is not a documentary, it is an imaginary mockery”, “Imagining that your grandson is behind all this madness breaks my heart”, “Netflix owes an explanation”, among others.

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