Prime Video’s CM trolls fans after House of the Dragon premiere

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  • Mexico is within the top 5 of the Latin American countries that consume the most streaming content.

  • Nowadays, Netflix dominates the market for entertainment platforms, with a user base of more than 221 million worldwide.

  • Video entertainment platforms have made it possible to expand the creative universes of major productions such as Star Wars, Game of Thrones or The Lord of the Rings.

Social networks have become one of the main sources of entertainment within the new normality, this is due to the fact that they have presented a boom within their entertainment base, providing the possibility of telling stories that surround and expand the panorama of social networks. large productions, such is the case of ‘House of the Dragon or ‘The Rings of Power’, initiatives that seek to expand the creative universes of these mega productions; however, given the growing number of entertainment proposals, platforms usually generate organic competition, as evidenced by CM of Prime Video, who trolls the fans of ‘Game of Thrones’ (GOT).

According to the Telecommunications Organization of Ibero-America (OTI), within the report of the Latin American countries that consume the most content via streaming, (OTT), for its acronym in English “over the top”, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru They are the ones identified as the main consumers in terms of video entertainment content, noting that the number of users within the region exceeded 117.2 million during the first year of the pandemic.

Currently, the platform Netflix continues to rule in terms of the number of active users within the platforms, with a registered base of more than 221 million, while platforms such as Prime Video They sit with a base of more than 200 million users, rivaling the slightly more than 92.1 million subscribers registered by HBO.

Prime Video’s CM trolls ‘GOT’ fans after ‘House of the Dragon’ premiere

We Are Social and Hootsuite, points out in the report Digital 2022, that the number of Internet users worldwide grew by at least 4 percent during the first quarter of 2022, reached 4,950 million people, which represents 62.5 percent of the world population (7,910 million people), a figure that highlights the growing importance of digital conveniences within the new normality, which are used by firms for extensive advertising organic, as evidenced the CM of Prime Video by viralizing a Tweet in which he sought to play a joke on fans of game of Thronesafter the premiere of ‘House of the Dragon’.

Game of Thrones,
becomes one of the most acclaimed series in recent years, so much so that the last episode, titled “The Iron Throne” (The Iron Throne), broke the record for the most watched telecast in the history of HBO, With just over 13.6 million viewers at 9 p.m. US time, an appearance in the creative universe was only a matter of time.

Such is the case of House of the Dragona series launched on August 21, which generated various reactions among the community, as mentioned by the Prime Video’s CM, firm that is soon to be released “The Rings of Power” which is planned to arrive on September 2, adding to what has been done with other universes, as proposed by starwars with Andorseries starring Mexican actor Diego Lunaand that tells the story of a group of rebels, prior to what happened with the formation of the rebel faction.

The prequels or closure of stories, are sometimes something beneficial for the fandom of the great productions, since these can increase the taste for a franchise; however, not all of them result in the best strategy, so that there is rivalry between productions, allows the community to increase the taste for series and movies.

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