Practicing Giving Tuesday is another way to take care of emotional well-being

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Yes, practice the Giving Tuesday it is not only an act of solidarity, but also an excellent moment to embrace the emotional and psychological benefits of celebrating giving. Originally this movement, which was born in 2012 in the NGO 92Y Street in New York and which is celebrated on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, aims to promote solidarity between people, organizations and companies. A celebration of generosity in all its aspects -it is not only about contributing with economic or material donations but also with time dedicated to social actions through volunteering- is very necessary at a social level. But also on an emotional level. Because at that very moment in which a solidarity movement is embraced to contribute to a better world as well it is taking care of mental healthown and others. Someone else’s, because they do their bit to improve the situation of disadvantaged groups. And proper because an action is celebrated that, in the same way as gratitude, brings many mental benefits to the person who carries it out.

Positions us in a place of mental rest

The benefits of giving are obvious to others, but this time we’d like to address the benefits it provides on a personal level. “The act of giving positions us in a place of mental restsince making the effort to be for the other keeps us from staying in those moments that we all have an emotional block in which we get entangled and obsessed within the impasse of thinking about the past, present and future in an anxious way and with anticipatory anxiety”, explains the psychologist pillar warwhich also insists that these actions of care and responsibility towards the people around us give us psychological sensation of tranquility and serenity.

Strengthens self-concept and self-esteem

Obviously, the immediate purpose of an act of solidarity is to help those who need it, but it also helps the person who does it. For Guerra, the act of giving is another way of reinforce our self-concept and self-esteem. “Generosity is a concept that has to do with allowing us to perceive others in a more positive way. By positioning others in a positive frame, our self-concept increases as we judge ourselves as supportive, compassionate, and even altruistic. This way of positive self-concept reinforces our self-esteem since the opinion about our actions is filled with positive beliefs about our way of acting. We also strengthen our self-confidence and our public identity as whole persons. The most important thing about promoting generosity is that optimism increases with it”.

Only once a year?

Obviously, embracing this movement once a year is not enough, but it can be a perfect starting point to turn the act of giving into a habit that also helps us take care of our mental health. “Doing it maintains an idea with continuous reinforcement as long as it becomes a habit and for this it has to be repeated over time. And, above all, keep it in memory, in our internal and external speech. let’s not forget that new conversations generate new realities”, Guerra points out.

What science says about solidarity

The study carried out is interesting. Stephen Brown, professor of preventive medicine at Stony Brook University. According to this expert, caring people live longer. In addition, solidarity reduces stress –since oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine are released– and even change the mood. In fact, after observing people who volunteered at a soup kitchen, Brown concluded that his mood improved considerably.

Giving Tuesday also encourages sustainable consumption

The ‘less is more’ linked to the material brings many benefits on a psychological level. Reducing personal assets and investing in the well-being of others – this is a good time to consider volunteering – is also another way of necessarily making consumption more sustainable. precisely the group beldon beauty decided to join the movement Giving Tuesday both to celebrate giving and to promote responsible consumption. For this reason, it will donate part of the profits obtained from the sale of the Medik8 line to the Healthy Skin Foundation of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology. “The idea arose because we firmly believe that the companies of the future (and actually those of the present) are the ones that give more than what they receive. A company with purpose goes much further. We help our clients every day but we also want to feel useful and that the result of our work not only remains in an economic benefit”, he explains Theresa of Miguel, brand founder. In addition, it is another way to promote conscious consumption to encourage social and environmental responsibility.


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