Powerball is back with a bag of 10.8 billion pesos

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Powerball has a bag of 10.8 billion pesos. Photo:

Participate in Powerball, one of the largest lotteries in the worldwhich has a bag of 10.8 billion pesos, can be done safely, at any time and place, thanks to the online service TheLotter.

This is possible thanks to the local offices of TheLotter who will buy the official Powerball tickets on your behalf in the United States, and a scan of your tickets will be sent to your private TheLotter account prior to the draw.

The next Powerball draw will be held on Saturday January 28 and has a huge jackpot valued at 572 million dollars, that is to say 10.8 billion pesos.

Since the United States laws do not prohibit a foreigner or a tourist from collecting lottery prizes, all Mexicans who buy their tickets in TheLotterthey will be able to collect all of their prizes in case of winning.

How to play and win Powerball online from Mexico?

Play Powerball online by selecting five main numbers from 1-69 and one additional number from 1-26. You will receive a scanned copy of your official US Powerball ticket in your private TheLotter account before each draw.

TheLotter has paid out more than 115 million dollars

From the moment of ticket purchase to the payment of your prize, everything is safe and simple with TheLotter.

TheLotter does not have any legal rights to your tickets, which means that all winnings are 100% yours. When you purchase Powerball tickets online, a confirmation email will be sent to you, and after physically purchasing the ticket, you will also be able to see a scanned copy of the ticket in your account, which proves that only you own the ticket.

Since its founding in 2002, TheLotter has helped lottery lovers purchase tickets for the world’s largest lotteries and has had the privilege of paying out prizes of more than $115 million to more than 8 million winning tickets.

A TheLotter Player won a million dollars in a Powerball draw

The world record for lottery jackpot was broken on January 13, 2016 when three winning tickets split a Powerball jackpot of 1.58 billion pesos; where a player who bought his ticket through TheLotter in El Salvador won the second prize of 1 million.

What happens if I win?

win with TheLotter and receive automatic earnings notifications by email or SMS. Powerball prizes will go directly to your personal account once the results are published and shortly after receiving the prize from the official lottery operator. If you win a jackpot, you will be invited to collect your prize in person in the United States with a flight paid for by TheLotter.

Participate in the next raffle

This Saturday, the lottery United States Powerball offers a jackpot of 572 million dollarswhich is currently the largest prize in the world.

Get your tickets today in three easy steps at TheLotter and start your own path to becoming a millionaire.

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