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RUSSIA.- The Pope Francisco unleashed the rage in Russia when qualifying as “cruel” at minorities russian who participate in the intervention military in Ukraine.

In an interview the dad suggested that Chechen and Buryat members of their armed forces showed more cruelty in Ukraine that the soldiers of ethnicity russian.

In an interview with the Catholic magazine America published on Monday, the dad said that the soldiers Buryatiawhere he buddhism is a religion important, and the republic of Chechnyamajority muslimwere “the most cruelwhile they were fighting UkraineThe Guardian published.

In general, the most cruel are perhaps those who are from Russia but they are not traditional russianLike the chechensthe Buryatsetc.”, said Pope Francis.

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Pope Francis offends Russian minorities

Russia has relied disproportionately on minorities ethnic to provide its main fighting force in Ukraineadd the middle.

Human rights groups and independent media have documented overwhelming evidence of crimes of war committed by forces russiancites the medium.

But that there has been no data to suggest that the soldiers of the minorities nationals fighting in Ukraine have behaved worse Ukraine that the members of the ethnicity russian.

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Russia condemns pope’s comments

The comments of dad they were quickly condemned by officials russians Monday night.

This is no longer Russophobiait’s a perversion on a level I can’t even name,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said. Maria Zakharovaon his Telegram channel.

“We are a family with Buryats, chechens and other representatives of our multinational and multi-denominational country,” he added. Zakharova.

Russia is waging an imperial war initiated and led by Vladimir Putin, who is clearly not a member of an ethnic minority. The dad I should condemn him personally, but he decided to bypass the Russian president,” he added.

It is not the first time that he dad faces controversy for his views on Ukraine. Kyiv has repeatedly criticized the head of the church catholic from the beginning of the invasion of Russia in February for failing to adequately condemn the Kremlin for his role in the conflict.

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