Poncho Herrera breaks the silence and explains his absence on the return of RBD

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Poncho Herrera breaks the silence and explains his absence on the return of RBD
Poncho Herrera explains his absence on the return of RBD. Photo: Darkroom

Pocho Herrera broke the silence and explained why not will return to the stage with his RBD colleagues who will delight their fans next year, after a successful previous reunion.

In an interview for various media, including Wake up Americathe former member of RBD said that his absence is due to his schedule of I work on acting projects.

“Because I’m going to be working, friends”,

poncho herrera

Furthermore, the actor, who was defended by Maite Perroni for his absence in the return of RBD, emphasized that the Project of cluster interpreter of “This heart” and “A little bit of your love” it will be a success and he wished the best to his classmates.

“The only thing I can say is that it is going to be a very successful project and I wish them all the success in the world”,

poncho herrera

Herrera, who announced her divorce some time ago, ruled out that she is ashamed of having been part of RBD together with Anahí, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Christian Chávez and Christopher UckermannWell, he said, his past makes him the person he is today.

“Not at all, I am happy to have been part of such a successful project, I am grateful and I will continue to be grateful; I am simply happy for the projects I have right now and I believe that one thing does not conflict with the other. In the end, my past made me what I am right now, at this moment.”

poncho herrera

The famous actor said he did not know the offering economic what was there for what RBD will return to the scenarios to the delight of their fanssince, as he explained, he did not sit at the table at the time of the talks.

Finally, he ruled out having made fun of RBD when you used the iconic phrase of the group to call their followers to join one social cause.

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