Pokimane on AI-generated streamers: “It’s going to be scary”

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Artificial intelligence is increasingly present in our lives. So much so that it has even come to twitch the first streamer generated from an AI —which, by the way, has already been banned from the platform—, neuro sama.

By now it is clear that this will be an increasingly widespread trendalthough it is still a fairly unexplored terrain on the main streaming platforms.

He has spoken precisely on this topic and on how it will affect content creators in the future Pokimaneone of the most popular English-speaking streamers, in a recent live.

“Just like we have VTubers right now, one day they could probably make a model of VTuber and then program it to be a streamer generated by Artificial Intelligence. They could make this streamer have a sweet and bubbly personality and catch all the typical sayings and responses,” he expressed.

“I feel like if they make an AI streamer right now it probably won’t be that advanced. However, one day it will be very advanced and I think it will be something scary“The content creator continued to explain.

We will still have to wait to see if Pokimane’s predictions are true. But what is clear is that artificial intelligence will increasingly have more presence in the field of content creation.


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