Player of the Mexican National Team uncovered had a child out of wedlock

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With social networks it is very difficult for public figures to maintain their private lives. That is why details constantly come to light, many of them controversial, which were usually kept private.

And now It is up to a player from the Mexican National Team to be in the eye of the hurricaneafter a youtuber revealed the story of a player who had a relationship outside of his marriage and even had a child.

Which selected was discovered?

Through one of her videos, Amy Rey told the story of a foreign woman who revealed that he had a relationship with a soccer player from Tri in 2013without revealing the name, whom he met during an inn attended by several players.

She pointed out that she knew she had a partner, but when they started dating he assured her that it was only to take care of her public image, but when she found out she was pregnant he refused to break his other relationship to be with her.

“We started dating, to talk every day and he told me that he had children with a woman, but that she was not his partner, that they were together to take care of their public image.

“(When I got pregnant, she told me) ‘I can’t separate myself from my partner, from the mother of my children, because I love her, I love her, so I can’t leave her and YoWe are even thinking of getting married, we are getting married‘. Sister, when she told me that, she couldn’t believe it. He was in shock, ”she recounts.

Later, when the child was born, he revealed that he constantly spent time with the player, until he found out that he said he was his nephew and not his sonso he decided to pack his bags and return to his country.

“I found out that this ‘player cockroach’ was saying that our son was his nephew; he broke my heart when he said that and I said that he was not going to allow such humiliation. I took my son and returned to my country of origin”, he commented.

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Who is Amy King?

She is an influencer with just over a million followers, almost all of them women, who is dedicated to making videos to empower women. In all his posts he tells stories that are sent to him. The first one was about her, in which he told how he discovered that her boyfriend was unfaithful.


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