Pisces horoscope for November 2022: Your predictions for the month

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November is here to see that your work life or your career plan is transformed, the astrological energy concentrated in your long-term projects and especially in those that you pursue in search of recognition and success, is great. So this month is going to show you clearly where you stand within this company, project, profession or work environment so that you can accept the changes that are coming.

The opportunity to create something beautiful or abundant is latent from November 16, so in that period make use of this energy for negotiations, meetings, interviews and all kinds of decisions in which you can shine.

On November 22, a four-week season begins in which you will have to make executive decisions. It’s the time of year when you review your work projects and career, where you can take a risk and bet on something bigger and more exciting that will ultimately bring you success and recognition. It is a season when you can also heal or resolve your relationship with a man who has a certain responsibility towards you.

With the New Moon on November 23, you will feel a favorable change in energy, from that day and for two weeks, the universe opens the way for you to express a new moment within your professional career.

November is a month in which you can refine your growth strategy, earn the recognition of your boss or your work team, apply for a position that implies more responsibilities but also more hierarchy. Use this moon to commit to a new project or stage that, little by little, will allow you to reach higher.

November 23 is a date that you have to have well planned, because on that day, Jupiter, the planet of expansion (and your ruler) wakes up directly in your sign. So what happens around those dates will pave the way for you to glimpse the plans that 2023 keeps for you. It is an eleven-week season that you must take advantage of to anticipate, prepare and begin to resolve all the situations that are revealed. Without exaggeration, here you start planning your strategy for 2023.


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