PHOTOS | The actress of the Cine de Ficheras who made a “pact with the Devil” and still looks young

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Olivia Collins is a Chilean naturalized Mexican actress. She has participated in several soap operas and movies in the 90s and 80s, being the Files Cinema where he ventured as the famous vedettes of the time. More than 30 years later, his eternal youth has surprised more than one.

Time does not pass in vain, but it seems that Olivia Collins has made a “deal with the devil” to preserve her beauty and figure. The 60-year-old actress continues to look like never before. just like her friendMaribel Guardiahas shown off her figure and lifestyle on social networks.

Olivia Collins She assures that her secret is to take care of herself, accept herself and take spirituality into account, as well as the discipline of exercising. As proof, she shared a photo of herself when she was younger and surprised her fans by looking exactly the same as she did before.

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Olivia Collins looks the same as she did 40 years ago thanks to her eternal “youth”

Though Olivia Collins He usually publishes photos wearing fitted dresses showing that he retains his toned figure, a comparison of his youth caught the attention of his followers. Her image is from her beginnings in the cinema and acting with Maribel Guardia, but there is not much difference.

And we’re still together, but from the dark side muajajajajaaaaaa

It was what the actress wrote to thank the friendship of all these years with her colleague, both retain their beauty and slim figure, better than any young girl. Currently, Olivia Collins participates in “Las Estrellas bailan en TODAY”, a dance competition in the morning.

Some comments have questioned his secret and ask him for the recipe to have eternal youthWell, for a 60-year-old woman, she retains her accentuated waist, slim figure, and enviable legs.


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