PHOTOS | Sam’s Club cashier went viral and shocks dressed as a bunny from her bed

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TikTok and Instagram They are the main platforms for sharing everyday life, as well as photos and videos that go viral on social networks. In addition, several trends have emerged to which young workers who have conquered users with their beauty have risen.

The calls Oxxo Girls They already have competition and it is that not only those who work in the convenience store have become popular, now so are young women from other sites who upload daily content to their profiles, their worst anecdotes with customers and participate in trends or challenges .

A young woman who works in Sam’s Club attracted the attention of users. She is originally from Saltillo, Coahuila, and although she has shared various photos on her Instagram account, it was one of her most recent posts that she went viral thanks to the sexy and tender costume with which she posed.

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Sam’s cashier goes viral on Instagram and models with this outfit

Fernanda TG, is not only famous on Instagram, but also on TikTok and Facebook thanks to her videos and photos. On the video platform she revealed that she works as Sam’s Club cashier and it was this publication that made her famous. Since then, she posts several images that have captivated her followers.

And although the time of Halloween is overFernanda TG decided to wear a bunny costume and surprise your fans. Her blue suit and her little ears captivated more than one of her, who filled her with praise, because the young woman claims to be her “favorite” of her fans. Her posts exceed thousands of likes and she has more than 100 thousand followers on the platform.

Sam’s Club cashier photo posing from bed went viral and received more than 14 thousand hearts and several comments, being one of his most popular posts on Instagram.


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